RFL 2010 – Again a great success!

Once again Avilion has been involved in the Relay for Life events organized by the American Cancer Society.

And also once again Avilion has been asked to contribute it’s potential by designing a full sim along the running track on the RFL event sims.

Here are some impressions from the sim:

A big “thank you” goes to all members of Avilion and the team “The Quest for a Cure” for their endless support and cheering along the track.

Shops available

We have a few shops available in the market. If you are a guardian and would like to rent a shop send me an nc titled Avilion Shops Request (your name) ( date ).

these will be considered on a first come basis. You must be an ACTIVE guardian of avilion.

Bunny Xen

Equinox Mer-Ballet Premier – April 25th 2010 – 3pm

Come to the Fae garden on the shore of the Merrow cove in Avilion Heart Tomorrow at 3pm SLT to witness the elegance and power of our amazing Merrow as they dance gracefully over the waves to haunting, beautiful music.

For your viewing pleasure, please open and read the attached note card for more information and a landmark to the Hart.

Hope to see you there!
Polaris Triellis
Ancient of the Mist

SecondLife Help Session *new*

A new help session for general Second Life issues or questions will start this Friday. The attached notecard provides a little bit more information. Hope to see a few of you there!

Second Life™ Help Session
Avilion Vale
Each Friday at 2pm

Do you have questions about your general Second Life experience?
Confused about all those menu options?
Does the debug menu fill you with dread?

These and more things will crop up at the new and regular Second Life™ Help Session which is held each Friday at 2pm on Avilion Vale.

This is an informal session with no set agenda – come along and ask questions!

This is an out of character (OOC) session that will not be accompanied with an event attendance book. There are no Sirs, Lords or Ladies at this session – just people who wish to come together to gain help and share knowledge.

The session will not be able to cover such technically in depth topics such as scripting or building though information on other classes available in world that cater specifically for those subjects will be available.

We will not get involved in giving advice on personal conflicts – that’s something that should always be dealt with in private and with due courtesy.

The views and opinions expressed by those during the sessions are their own and should in no way be considered to be an endorsement by Avilion of products or services provided by anyone.

It’s impossible for any single person to know everything about Second Life™ – even the Lindens have to specialise in certain areas. However if you are not able to be helped at the session then your query will be dealt with and you will be contacted over the weekend with a reply.

Providing on how well the sessions are attended and how useful you find them yourselves they may be extended in order to be able to accommodate being run at an additional evening (SL time) slot.

Monthly Photo Contest

Each month there will be a photo contest featuring an item from the Avilion Mist store.
This month’s item is Lady Serenity’s Viridian Gown. You will have 10 days to photograph yourself or someone else wearing this month’s featured gown somewhere on one of the Avilion sims. Winner will receive a Gift voucher for any item in the Mist store plus their photo will be used in the May advertisement for that gown.

Rules for Visions of Avilion Mist photo contest:

1. Take a photo of yourself or someone else wearing Avilion Viridian Gown
2. Photos MUST be taken on one of the Avilion sims: Avilion (heart), Avilion Mist, Avilion Nexus, or Avilion Grove Please note: Avilion has a strict RP dress code and all who are on the sim must comply. This includes a photographer should you chose to use one.
3. Photos must be full perms
4. Send your photo to Xen Zerbino or Polaris Triellis
5. The photo MUST be titled — Avilion Mist Promotion (month) (your full name)
6. All photos MUST be submitted by April 19th
7. Photos may be retouched but backgrounds and settings as well as the gown itself must be depicted accurately.
8. There is a limit of 15 boards available for your photos so the top 15 only will be used.

Photos will be voted on via a contest board system that will be set up inside the Avilion Mist Fortress Store.

Tips for Reducing Lag for Everyone.


We all love the events that happen here in Avilion, but none of us enjoy the lag. Good news! YOU can help us all out (and yourself too) by doing a few simple things.


1) Sit down: sitting down helps reduce the lag. Sitting can help keep you from crashing, too. Find a seat or sit on the ground, either way, you’re helping yourself and those around you by doing so.

2) Scripted objects: these include AO’s, HUD’s, Radars, Multi Gadgets, weapons, translators and other attachments that do interesting things. You don’t need these for life; you can go without them for a couple hours when you’re at an event. Taking these off completely (not just turning them off) makes a big difference.


 3) Remove prims: The poufy skirts, the gorgeous cloaks and other prim items, these are all wonderful things, but in a laggy situation like a tournament, they are a hassle. Wearing a skirt that is on the system layer instead of a prim skirt is a good fix for this is you’re afraid to show your bloomers – err I mean glitch pants.


 3b) Avatars with lots of prims: Creatures like dragons and other avatars carrying a lot of prims are encouraged to find an alternative for traffic heavy events, for example a dragon should use their bi-pedal form.


4) Hold your horses: While horses are very nice and we know you’re proud of them, please keep them stabled during events. Please don’t teleport with them still attached. When you teleport with something like that attached to you, not only does it create lag for the people that are at the spot you ported to, but you are very likely to bump into someone too.

Lady Kouse offers ways to shake off the Lag Imps.


Avilion is a warm and friendly home for all, and thus, it gets crowded and those with the incorrect settings end up suffering as a result. Here are some guidelines to help you optimize your systems performance and better enjoy not just Avilion, but your entire SL experience.

1) Relog and Clear your Cache! If you’re lagging, relogging can help get your speed back up. Clearing your cache often is important. You can choose what size to have your cache, but 1000mb is recommended. Your cache is where data about your inventory, textures, and other information is stored. When it gets full you’ll lag and may see items appear missing from your inventory. Clearing your cache will greatly help (unless the inventory loss is due to an SL bug, in which case you should take it up with Linden Lab).

- Your cache options can be found under the Network tab.

-Disk Cache Size – you can use the slider to choose how large or small you want this to be.

-The button ‘Clear Cache’ is what you’ll need to use. Remember to clear your cache often.

2) Keep your draw distance low. You can change your draw distance by going to Edit >> Preferences >> and under the Graphics Tab, you can raise or lower this setting. The higher your draw distance the more lag you’ll feel, so keep it at it’s lowest (64m) to enjoy maximum speed.

3) Terrain Detail and Lighting: In preferences, this is under the Graphics Detail tab. Keeping the terrain detail low will help reduce lag a little bit if you’re running a slower PC. For lighting, local (light from near by objects) is much more aesthetic than just sun and moon, but keeping the setting at sun and moon only will help reduce client side lag.

4) Maximum bandwidth: you can set this under the network tab. If your bandwidth is set too high here and your computer can’t handle it, you will not only be causing problems for yourself, but will choke the sims you’re visiting as well. Higher bandwidth does NOT mean faster performance. Be very careful with this option. Better to err on the side of keeping it low.