Monthly Photo Contest

Each month there will be a photo contest featuring an item from the Avilion Mist store.
This month’s item is Lady Serenity’s Viridian Gown. You will have 10 days to photograph yourself or someone else wearing this month’s featured gown somewhere on one of the Avilion sims. Winner will receive a Gift voucher for any item in the Mist store plus their photo will be used in the May advertisement for that gown.

Rules for Visions of Avilion Mist photo contest:

1. Take a photo of yourself or someone else wearing Avilion Viridian Gown
2. Photos MUST be taken on one of the Avilion sims: Avilion (heart), Avilion Mist, Avilion Nexus, or Avilion Grove Please note: Avilion has a strict RP dress code and all who are on the sim must comply. This includes a photographer should you chose to use one.
3. Photos must be full perms
4. Send your photo to Xen Zerbino or Polaris Triellis
5. The photo MUST be titled — Avilion Mist Promotion (month) (your full name)
6. All photos MUST be submitted by April 19th
7. Photos may be retouched but backgrounds and settings as well as the gown itself must be depicted accurately.
8. There is a limit of 15 boards available for your photos so the top 15 only will be used.

Photos will be voted on via a contest board system that will be set up inside the Avilion Mist Fortress Store.

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