SecondLife Help Session *new*

A new help session for general Second Life issues or questions will start this Friday. The attached notecard provides a little bit more information. Hope to see a few of you there!

Second Life™ Help Session
Avilion Vale
Each Friday at 2pm

Do you have questions about your general Second Life experience?
Confused about all those menu options?
Does the debug menu fill you with dread?

These and more things will crop up at the new and regular Second Life™ Help Session which is held each Friday at 2pm on Avilion Vale.

This is an informal session with no set agenda – come along and ask questions!

This is an out of character (OOC) session that will not be accompanied with an event attendance book. There are no Sirs, Lords or Ladies at this session – just people who wish to come together to gain help and share knowledge.

The session will not be able to cover such technically in depth topics such as scripting or building though information on other classes available in world that cater specifically for those subjects will be available.

We will not get involved in giving advice on personal conflicts – that’s something that should always be dealt with in private and with due courtesy.

The views and opinions expressed by those during the sessions are their own and should in no way be considered to be an endorsement by Avilion of products or services provided by anyone.

It’s impossible for any single person to know everything about Second Life™ – even the Lindens have to specialise in certain areas. However if you are not able to be helped at the session then your query will be dealt with and you will be contacted over the weekend with a reply.

Providing on how well the sessions are attended and how useful you find them yourselves they may be extended in order to be able to accommodate being run at an additional evening (SL time) slot.

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