Tips for Reducing Lag for Everyone.


We all love the events that happen here in Avilion, but none of us enjoy the lag. Good news! YOU can help us all out (and yourself too) by doing a few simple things.


1) Sit down: sitting down helps reduce the lag. Sitting can help keep you from crashing, too. Find a seat or sit on the ground, either way, you’re helping yourself and those around you by doing so.

2) Scripted objects: these include AO’s, HUD’s, Radars, Multi Gadgets, weapons, translators and other attachments that do interesting things. You don’t need these for life; you can go without them for a couple hours when you’re at an event. Taking these off completely (not just turning them off) makes a big difference.


 3) Remove prims: The poufy skirts, the gorgeous cloaks and other prim items, these are all wonderful things, but in a laggy situation like a tournament, they are a hassle. Wearing a skirt that is on the system layer instead of a prim skirt is a good fix for this is you’re afraid to show your bloomers – err I mean glitch pants.


 3b) Avatars with lots of prims: Creatures like dragons and other avatars carrying a lot of prims are encouraged to find an alternative for traffic heavy events, for example a dragon should use their bi-pedal form.


4) Hold your horses: While horses are very nice and we know you’re proud of them, please keep them stabled during events. Please don’t teleport with them still attached. When you teleport with something like that attached to you, not only does it create lag for the people that are at the spot you ported to, but you are very likely to bump into someone too.

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