Welcome to Avilion!

Welcome to Avilion, a medieval fantasy roleplaying sim!

Avilion is the private residence of Serenity Sieyes and Malakh Giles. You as a visitor are welcome and we wish you a wonderful time in our world. To make this equally enjoyable for everyone we ask you to respect the rules of our land, described in detail in the Avilion Charter, and summarized here. We kindly request that you read the entire charter, as it explains these points in further detail. If you have questions about this summary, please read the entire charter before seeking help from a member of the Avilion Order. The Charter is available at the gates to Avilion.

PLEASE NOTE: TO MAINTAIN THE AMBIENCE OF THIS MAGICAL WORLD, WE STRICTLY ENFORCE A MEDIEVAL DRESS CODE. To aid those without appropriate clothing, free sets of medieval clothes for males and females are provided at the gates to Avilion. The Avilion Charter describes in detail the appropriate dress codes for various fantasy races.

Please understand that visiting Avilion is a privilege, not a right. By entering the Avilion estate, you automatically agree to follow the rules outlined in the Avilion Charter, and further agree to the Avilion Terms of Service (which are enumerated in the Charter and in the Covenant of all the major Avilion regions). If you find you do not agree to these provisions, you are welcome to leave Avilion at any time; no one is forced to play here.

Any friends that follow your teleport into the estate also automatically agree to follow the rules of the Avilion Charter and agree to the Avilion Terms of Service. Before you teleport them here, please inform your friends of these rules, including the dress code. There is no visitor status in Avilion; if you are here, you are part of the game.

The following is a SUMMARY of the Avilion Code of Conduct.

1. Treat everyone with courtesy and respect.

2. Do not harrass other people.

3. No drama.

4. No soliciting.

5. The Ancients of the Mist are the admins for the Avilion estate. Ask them for help if there is a problem. If an Ancient requests that you do something, please do it without argument. Please understand that they have good reasons for requesting these things of you, even if those reasons may not be immediately obvious to you.

6. Always show good sportsmanship in activities and events in Avilion.

7. Personal conflicts are personal; do not try to handle them in public. Use IM instead.

8. Avilion is a medieval fantasy roleplaying environment with specific roleplay rules. To maintain this setting, we have created a set of rules. These rules have been crafted after a great deal of thought and we will enforce them strictly. Please follow all roleplay provisions of the Avilion Charter, particularly:

– No flying (including fairy and wizard floating AOs and vehicles such as flying carpets) unless you are a Fae of the Mist, Dragon of the Mist, or (in some special cases) a Creature of the Mist;
– No roleplay involving vampirism, lycanthropism, evil demons, undead, or random shapeshifting;
– Appropriate medieval fantasy clothing, as described in the guidelines in the Avilion Charter, is required at all times. Free sets of medieval clothes for both males and females are available at the entrance of the Avilion sim.

9. Obey the Second Life Terms of Service and Community Standards.

10. Have fun!