History of Avilion

After the King, King to all, Christians and Pagans alike, passed, those non-believers sought to destroy his work.  Those that loved him and believed in himfollowed him to the Isle, to where he was laid to rest, and it was agreed that those of this land were not yet ready for Peace.

Those with the gift of the mind, and of the sword, exiled themselves to the Isle, and with the power gained by their unity chose to save the Isle by shrouding it in a Mist. Those of the Isle gave up all that they possessed, and chose a peaceful co-existence on Avilion.

You stand on the shore of this peaceful lake, as you have many times before, but this time something has changed.  The Mist, which had always been there, starts to fade, and the shape of an island can be seen.  Could this be the Isle that legend foretold?