Combat in Avilion

  1. Thou shall respect those of Avilion Order, for this is their land, and all others are guests upon these lands.
  2. Thou shall respect the word of the Ancients of the Mist.
  3. Thou shall not “charge” nor “pay” for services using the arena.
  4. Thou shall not cheat nor use items to gain an unfair advatage over another.
  5. Thou shall not solicit upon these lands, period.
  6. Thou shall allow others the chance to use the arena. After your round, step out and allow another the opportunity to fight.
  7. Thou shall win and lose honorably.
  8. Thou shall not cause drama nor partake of it.
  9. Thou shall remember you are upon a private estate, and being here is a
    priviledge and not a right.
  10. Thou shall remember to have fun.