Rules and Guidelines

Avilion and all it’s groups and subgroups contain over 5000 members at the present.
You might imagine, that such a huge group of people need some guidance to keep all whats happening in a certain frame to make Avilion enjoyable for everyone who comes and visits us.

Therefor we had to come up with a, and you might say rather, complex rule set and terms of service.

This ruleset is called: The Avilion Order Charter.
It is our main “law” wich has to be followed by EVERYONE.
Visitors, Guests and members alike.

We do not have an “observer status” on our sim. If you are in, you got to stick to the law. Even if you think, the charter is very complex, it can be easily summed up in one sentence: “Don’t be an idiot, engage your brain and have fun”

Follow this link to read the complete charter in different languages:

Main Charter