The Ancients

An “Ancient” is an out of character Administrator’s position. Ancients are Guardians who have been asked by the Lord and Lady to accept the responsibility of enforcing the Laws of Avilion and have been given the ability to eject/ban when necessary. Ancients of the Mist may also have separate roles which include instructing/training, holding tournaments, planning role play events, planning celebrations or may be the mentor to certain races and classes. You may contact one of the people listed below with questions about joining the order, a race or combat class and be sure to call on one of them when you encounter someone who will not comply with the Laws of Avilion. An Ancient should always be involved with a dress code or conduct violation and certainly if any griefing occurs. All times listed are SLT™.

Malakh Giles, Lord of the Mist, Leader of the Magi of Avilion

Serenity Sieyes, Lady of the Order, Leader of Swords

Morgause Beaumont, (Human) Ballroom Manager, Leader of Avilion Greeters and Hosts:
Monday to Friday from 4am to 2pm SLT (only by IM) and on after 4pm to 8pm. Weekends, off and on from 5am to 11pm.

Tazz Babii, (Drow)

Magenta Bing, (Human) Misty Tavern Keep, Non-combat & Role Play Leader: Most days, 12pm to 6am then again from 11am to 5pm

Maelenn Catteneo, (Fae) Event and RP Coordinator

Daneel Chevalier , (Dragon) Dragon Leader & Magi Trainer
Sponsored Acolyte: Firegriff Khander

Atzel Congrejo, (Elven) Order Party Co-ordinator, Druid Assistant Lead: Monday to Friday, 10:00am – 4:00pm, weekends 1:00am until 5:00pm (or until he falls asleep on his keyboard)
Sponsored Acolyte: Shayariel Teardrop

Musa David, (Elven) Ranger Leader, Quendi Lead, Role Play Lead, Library Keep
Sponsored Acolytes: Avis Ashdene, Pale Renfold, Menchor Barbosa, and Londor Robbiani, Oura Dufaux

TauCeti Darkstone, (Drow) Swords Co-Instructor, Role Play Lead

Juniper Darrow, (Fae) Fae Lead, Merrow, Combat Class Instructor, Ancient Knight Council: Monday to Friday 5:30pm to 8:30pm, weekends late afternoon.
Sponsored Acolytes: Rosalie Letov, Xen Zerbino

Devora Decuir, (Fae) Fae Assist-Lead, Event/RP coordinator.

Dawnbeam Dreamscape, (Elf) Bard Council

Tempest Druth, (Drow), Role Play Leader

Altarius Flanigan, (Drow) Combat Instructor, Drow co-Lead, Ancient Knight Council Acting Swords co-leader: Sunday to Sunday 3:00pm to 8pm

Harm Gulick, (Drow) High Priest Drow co-Lead

Giles Hawker, (Elven) Archery Combat Instructor

Abigail Horton, (unknown) *away from SL*

Osiris LeShelle, (Human) Druid Lead: Monday 10:00am to 3:00pm, Tuesday & Wednesday 2:00pm to 3:00pm, Thursday 10:00pm to 3:00pm, Friday 10:00pm-3:00pm, Weekends 10am to 3pm

Elli Letov, (Fae) Combat instructor, Sword League Coordinator, Fae Assist-Lead

Caz Lobo, (Wolf) Creature of the Mist co-Lead, Role Play Lead, Vale events coordinator:

Mandylia Meili, (Elven) Editor, Event Scheduling, Monday to Friday after 5:00pm, Weekends off and on.

Energy Sands, (Human), Scribe, Knight Council, Swordsmanship teacher, House Leader of the House of Eastern Knights.

Misty Sautereau, (Fae) Creatures of the Mist co-lead, Role Play Lead: Monday to Friday 5:30pm to 9:00pm, weekends after 9am

Suzie Sewell, (Fae) Creatures of the Mist Co-lead, Role Play Lead: Monday to Friday from 7pm to 12am, weekends after 9 AM

Celestia Slade, (Dragon) Combat Instructor, Ancient Knight Council

Tan Tantalus, (Fae) Rogue Lead, Vertigo Instructor; Monday to Friday from 11:00am-4:00pm, Saturday and Sunday 2:00am to 4:00pm

Savage Thorne, (Human) Combat Instructor, Vanguard Lead

Zarkela Tucker, (Dragon) Druidry Instructor, Apothecary Keep: Monday to Friday 10:00am to 2:00pm, Sunday 10:00am to 2:00pm then again 4:00pm to 6:00pm

nokithecat Writer, (Cat?) Scribe (Historical Recorder with pictures)