Rules of Engagement

Avilion Order – Rules of Engagement on Avilion

Avilion Nexus is the combat sim for the lands of Avilion.  It is the only place sanctioned where combat of any kind is allowed.  The focus on the Avilion sims will always be Role Play first, and combat second.  Combat here on Avilion is a “sport”, it is not a lifestyle.  Everyone visiting the sim must understand the Rules of Engagement.  Please familiarize yourself with these rules, thank you.

Rules of Engagement:

1. Combat on Avilion Nexus is consentual.

2. If you are wearing a meter on Avilion Nexus, you have concented to being CHALLENGED (not ATTACKED).

3. Blatantly attacking someone without FIRST RPing with them, is against the rules.  You must first make an attempt to RP with the person you are going to challenege, before you engage in combat.

This basically means: The person being attacked has to know WHY they are being attacked.  Running up and saying “hi, I hate you” and then attacking someone isn’t enough.  You MUST ROLE PLAY it out first.  The person you are challenging has to have the option to decline the challenge.  If you are the person being attacked and want to decline, then you remove your meter.  No questions asked.

Again, re-read the above to make sure you understand.

However, bottomline is this: If you do NOT want to fight, then you do NOT wear the meter.  By wearing the meter, you have concented to being challenged.

Notice Regarding Bounties:

1. All bounties on an individual are consentual unless placed by Lady Serenity Sieyes or Lord Malakh Giles.

2. If you have concented to the bounty placed on your head, then you cannot pick and choose your opponent(s).  You cannot pick and choose who can collect upon your bounty.  You must also wear a meter when present on Avilion Nexus while your bounty is still active.

3. If you are challenged on any non-combat sims, then you have a choice whether or not to accept the challenge against you.  However, if you are boasting about having the bounty on your head, in role play fashion, then you have concented to being challeged, and, if you are indeed challenged, will be forced to go to Avilion Nexus to participate in combat.

Bottom line is this: If you have a bounty on your head, unless placed upon you by the Lord and Lady, you must concent to it for it to be valid.  Once you have concented to a bounty, you MUST follow the above rules, involving the meter being worn at all times on Avilion Nexus and if/when you are challenged.

Notice Regarding God-Moding:

What is “God Mode”/”God Moding” RP? 

God Moding means making yourself completely invulnerable.  It is a, “state in which a player presents themselves in a way that is invulnerable to damage or harm”.  Some people also refer to this as Power Gaming.

        Example: “You are but a mortal whom is nothing to me.”

Presenting yourself as being a higher being is a red flag for god-moding, unless you leave the other person with ample space to role play around it. 
        Example: “I have a magical force field around me which protects me from all damage.” 
Presenting yourself with no way for your opponent to hurt you is god-moding, or, better yet, lazy role playing.
        Example: “You cannot hurt me/cause any harm to me.”

So then you are a God?  If the other person has nothing else to do, except listen to your comments such as this, then you are “God” Moding.
The list of examples go on and on.  Therefore, if you do not feel you can role play effectively in confrotational situations, it is suggested you take your “differences” to Avilion Isle, both put on your combat meters, and find a resolution that way.

The only way we will accept reports of “God Moding” is with a full notecard transcript of the events.  This means the complete chat log (or IM log) of the events, and submitted to either Lady Serenity Sieyes or Lord Malakh Giles. 

God Moding will not be tolerated upon the Avilion sims, and this notice applies to ALL of the Avilion sims.

Those participating in God Moding will be removed from the sims and may even earn a complete ban.

Those in the Order participating in God Moding will be subject to removal from the Order as well as being banned.

The Ancients of the Mist (administrators), as well as the Lord and Lady, are the only individuals upon the Avilion sims permitted to step into a God Mode “role” to ENFORCE the rules and guidelines of the Avilion Order Charter.  Also, as such, this will be considered to be out-of-character in the event such action is needed.

End of notecard.
Copyright Malakh Giles & Serenity Sieyes 2009