Weapon Policy

As of March 9th 2008, we are instituting a clarification on the “allowed” weapon usage here in Avilion.  This is for ALL instances of combat on Avilion that are NOT sanctioned events.  Sanctioned events such as the Call To Arms and Avilion Order Tournaments have their own weapon policies and rules.  This is the general weapons policy for Avilion.  Authorized weapons are those sold from the following vendors, which are located specifically in the Avilion Forge, Avilion Mist Fortress, and Stone Keep:

  • Abi’s Magic Shoppe (Abigail Horton)
  • Ancient Knights Armory (Avery Kiernan & Pendragon Writer)
  • Avilion Mist(Malakh Giles & Serenity Sieyes)
  • Deadly Desire (Harm Gulick)
  • MG Designs (Musa David)
  • Poplin Forge (Luke Poplin)
  • Steel Souls (Altarius Flanagan)
  • Stone Keep (Aaron Cerveau)

Please Note: You must make sure the weapon shows the following people as “creator” of the weapon.  Look at the store and then the person’s name, they both must match for the weapon to be authorized.

The weapons from the above merchants are “authorized” for use here in Avilion.  For weapons that are created from people NOT on the above list, we ALLOW them to be used when you are sparring amongst friends, ONLY if the follow conditions are met.

  1. You and your sparring partner have a understanding that either you (or them) are using a weapon that is not made from one of the above authorized creators.
  2. If you are engaged or going to be engaged (in combat) with someone using a weapon NOT made by one of the above people, then they can be ASKED to REMOVE and/or CHANGE their weapon to one that is authorized.  Should they refuse, then they are to LEAVE the arena/area they are at and remove themselves from any combat.  If they do not, it is a bannable offense.
  3. ANY weapon/gadget NOT made by one of the authorized creators is subject to scrutiny.  Should a person be asked to change their weapon by an Ancient of the Mist, then they are to do so with no questions asked.
  4. Using a weapon which does not use the standard Spell Fire animations and scripts will be subject to HIGH scrutiny.  Using a weapon that does not use the Spell Fire defaults/standards, is done so under the understanding that you may be asked to remove your weapon AT ANY TIME.

Why do we have this policy?  We are always in the pursuit of fairness on the lands of Avilion.  This policy is to ensure that every combat scenario and activity is done so with the up most fairness to all involved.

©2008 Malakh Giles& Serenity Sieyes